Is your business investing money in solving problems and working on specialist projects?

Is there an element of doubt in the work you do, or are you taking risks to make an advancement in your field and develop systems and processes?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, please read on as you could be eligible for R&D tax relief and could make huge savings on your company’s tax bill.

For example, if your company spends £100,000 on R&D related employee salaries, utility costs, consumables and software, an additional tax saving of £26,000 could be made! This could go a long way towards covering the costs of a key employee.

Gibson Booth Limited have already helped numerous companies to claim this generous relief, in a variety of different sectors. Examples of R&D activity can include:

  • Developing unique alcohol bases, new or improved hop varieties, yeast strains, water recycling processes, new or improved products/recipes (food/alcohol industry)
  • Advancements in structural techniques, innovative use of green technology, design, construction, testing of prototypes (manufacturing/construction industry)

What to do next?

If you think you are working on projects where there may be an element of R&D, please get in touch!

  • We have a process in place which requires minimum effort from you.
  • We have the know-how to maximise your claims, whilst keeping them valid.
  • We operate on a “no-win-no fee” basis and only charge a fee once the claim is accepted by HM Revenue & Customs – you have nothing to lose!

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