Gibson Booth has recently been listed as a specialist partner of Enterprising Barnsley for its new Launchpad programme which is a government-funded programme designed to help businesses get off the ground. The programme is designed to help all start-up businesses across the Sheffield City Region access the best possible support to grow and thrive.

Deciding to start a business takes a big leap of faith. We all dream of being our own boss but very few of us go through with these dreams and ideals. Everybody has doubts about whether they can succeed and whether they can make a business that is profitable.

Here at Gibson Booth, we want to make the transition from a secure job to an entrepreneur as easy as possible. We can provide support on financial, tax and the accounting considerations that need to be taken when starting a new business.

Most entrepreneurs start a business because they have a good business idea, not because they are experts in running a business. It is important to get the right help and advice.

According to statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), about half of all employer establishments survive at least five years, and a third survive upwards of 10 years. This is a far cry from the previously long-held belief that 50 per cent of businesses fail in the first year, and 95 per cent fail within five years. Research shows that businesses given the right support are much more likely to survive.

Our experienced staff at Gibson Booth can help evaluate your business idea and help formulate a business plan, assess your finance requirements and complete any registration procedures.

We offer a FREE one hour consultation about your business idea, where you can give a quick overview of your goals and challenges, and we can give you some advice about your next steps.

If you do decide to come to us for help and support we can advise and assist on a multitude of different areas including:

  • Company formation – whether to be a sole trader, partner or a limited company.

  • Business planning – projecting cash flow and budgets and how viable these are.

  • Assess finance requirements and advise on the best sources of finance.

  • Complete any registration procedures.

  • Help set-up any systems required for running your own business.

For more information about our business start-up support, visit our page to find out more

The Launchpad programme is a new fully programme of business start-up support. The £4m programme is overseen by the Sheffield City Region Growth Hub and is open to all businesses across the region. 

For more information about the Launchpad programme, visit

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